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We Support All Womans Cancers
We are a 501(c)(3)  Tax Except
Breast Friends Cancer Support Group Foundation Inc. is a Northern Colorado Breast Cancer Support Group that is centrally located in Windsor, Colorado, but reaches out to woman in all of Northern Colorado that are dealing with woman cancers.   We help woman find that inner strength to fight their cancer diagnoses and we support them with our love and understanding.  We offer them assistant with their meals and gas money. We always offer a hand to hold during treatment and so much more. We are a support group ran by survivors who are woman strong.  We understand that cancer, if its breast or any other woman cancer, that it is a very difficult journey and it is one that women do not have to travel alone. We work the trenches of the battlefield called cancer. We help woman connect to local resources and educate them on their decisions that could be life changing. We help them understand what they face and what they may face.  We make sure they understand they are not alone in the “trenches”.  Our group is always growing and we really rely on donations and community support to help us keep reaching out to others, therefore, any donation is very much appreciated. Our support group also outreaches into the surrounding communities by offering educational information and provide woman who can speak for different events. We are always looking for a place we can set up a table or an event to be a part of so we can make sure woman understand we are here for them. Everyone who 'works' for Breast Friends, donates their time; therefore, 100% of the proceeds from events and donations are used to provide services and support to the woman of Northern Colorado that are going through cancer.
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